Australian Virtual Private Network - VPNAUS

Australian Virtual Private Network - VPNAUS

VPN Australian Protection Service

Australian VPN Service Provider

VPNAUS is a new Australian based Virtual Private Network provider that ensures you get the best VPN service and support, locally in Australia or internationally, no matter which country, state or city you are in.

No logging of any metadata or traffic

Our VPN secures your traffic and browsing data through encryption. We don't store any history. You can browse the internet knowing what you do will remain private and confidential.

Australian VPN Access

It is important to have locally based VPN services within Australia. Servers in every major city are currently under construction and will be available shortly, providing you with some of the best possible pings seen in Australia.

Worldwide VPN Access

We plan to have the best Worldwide systems. The construction of VPN servers in major geographic locations is under way. This will ensure you have best ping and traffic speeds a VPN can provide.

Virtual Private Network Features

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a secure connection through the use of encryption that provides security and privacy from a public network such as the Internet. It allows you to remain private while connected, obscuring your location, and keeping your data safe through ciphers. Due to their effective nature at safeguarding data, all sorts of people and businesses use VPN's to secure their own data. The following are a few of the features we will provide you when you sign up for a VPN service with us:

Simple Client that is Easy to Use

We have a friendly Windows Client that will allow you to connect directly to the best accessible server in your location.

You will also be able to choose which server in which location you would like to connect. Simply Download the client here and log in using your registered account.

Privacy to become anonymous

We keep you hidden and anonymous so that you can browse the internet without the risk of being tracked and identified.

You will no longer be using your IP address, and no actions you perform will be logged or recorded.

Security of encryption

We keep you safe through 128-bit encryption keys. Normal traffic is specific based on the headers of the packet and port.

Encryption allows you to keep this hidden, so even packet inspectors at the ISP level cannot see what you are doing.

Freedom to Surf without Geoblocking

Geoblocking stops you from viewing free information if you are currently not browsing from within the country providing the data.

VPN will allow you to by pass this restriction by accessing the data directly through a tunnel that exists within the country.

Helpful Support

We understand that sometimes computers and applications tend to have strange bizarre problems

VPNAUS will support you with any issues relating to your VPN and help you get going no matter if its a technical problem, account problem or support problem.